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Independence with age

Each person what ever thier state, is entitled to a life of fate. The time evolves and so do they, the life revolves and thats time to say: Tommorrow will be a better day.
To reach this end we must we congregate and salute that which probagates, our faith and hope in each other, then, our strength of mind, from which we begin. Then here we note each seeming block, a wall of uncommon rocks, on our path, our common way. We mark the time: weary, to rest or wake, the time: hungry to shake or bake, the time: diseased to pill or patience, the time needy: to work or stations.
But what will make us better men in age, is the recall of what makes us gage, the landmarks, minds posts and winds anchorage. This curriculum of faith, this routine and pace, repeated, again and again like a patterned lace. Tomorrow will rest with each soul who raced.

Writer's Block: Ain't Easy Being Green

Today an article was seen, with pictures of decorations of cupcakes, and sweets for comsumption and few thoughts of thinking of being lean.
So from chariot of fire I did steep and forth a ride in emergency I did seek.
Walking healed my aching feet and this land we bare it raised mine eyye to its beauty sleak. Running by and by a routine I dreampt to rely. A bus and train to this heart did make, my soul to reach and my mind did wake. I the conscious soul ate the ambrosia of angels' sake, the stories of ancient warriors of lore, visited me on the gods of heavens waking floor. And on a purple mountain peak, I spoke to with the sweeteet choirs of common sense. A hope of new life between one another a hope of new love among us. Here I stood with friend ne'vr foe, and begged for the life the righeous know. It gave prudent regiment and taught me how the seconds went.
He grabbed all by grabbing the least.
A I won them all by winning mine. By strengthening me my planet rises, by strengthening common sense we straighten our diet, by showing hope in tomorrows day we move forward to better days.
Which is your favorite of the seven dwarfs?
Of the seven who yo ho ho, and of siete who whistled while they worked, I loved doc the best. He was sensible to the rest and answered calls upon thier test. When she slept deep a tear he shed and when the prince came he cleared and read. Doc stood tall with dopey, sneezy, bashful and the lot, not far behind, these gave aid to the working mind oft forgot. They brought a lilt to the bower of love when snow white visited and spoke in the cove. Yea the seven happy,
Grimm the brothers in German told, and Disney to who toughts the old, gave creadence and care and much to the doc who set the pace and gave chase and got. Our lives are much fuller and pleasant, believe, and for me that is nothing for to sneeze. Each of our private lives seem shared in temperment and of course beware, our hopes and dreams will not fade ,when parents are rooted in the future blessing care parade. For to snow white the dwarfs scottish, erin or erse loved the young lady for better of for worse. In this day in age we must trust and care and need each other within though dreams tend to blend and make us depend.

Writer's Block: Say What?

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
One day when flooded with opinions ripe, a lady asked was I associated with a gender blending group hype. I thought she must have lost a screw or two or was angry or didn;t care about what to do. I hope she had not lost the sense God blessed us with, or even more destroyed the core of why we sit. Were here to be born again as separte man and woman. We live to raise a family through health and pain and encounter life as it comes again and again. Everyday a new fad arises some are of old and have re-arisen. Often the mind will hem and haw because the media does call and claw. We must realize, through it all, only reason and straight of mind will rule the ball. Our common way must be sober and moral of demise and this sanity will aid us to come through any guise. Not being together is not a normal way, some times apart hurts if even for more than a day. No great friend ship can carry life, biology is the end of all the strife. Growing together and caring and love, sharing and prayer and heaven above. This the state and that te way, I hope they won't ask again?

Mar. 8th, 2012

In an movie about my life I would like Mitch Landieu to play the lead, his thoughts would certainly serve my seed. Though of another racial persuasion he has a sister who is a Congresswoman and a father who has served at the national level in housing on occasion. He is best to wake my stile, but knows what windows to break through all the while. Like a ray of sunshine glaring bright and standing before all in strength and might. There, I'll be grinnin, skinnin and glory lea, Having the time of my life and that is who they will see.

Remember though why I would call him, he brings to life caring and kindness with vem. An energy of little to no spite and power of love to requite. His sense of obligation to the duty seat, his compassion for the involved who tend and greet. Yes where I go I know he'll be a man of wisdom a man to see. Sort of like my Father though even more like a brother who, we would all know. Yeah, that is me, a citizen corp responding repling and doing as he aught. I tell em the story of how I greww, I 'd ask him to enjoy that which I do. I'd seek aplace at the table round and point to the best of the hallowed ground. I would break my bread and share my cup and hollar as loud as I could when the masses erupt. I catch his ball at baseball's review, I'd field his glance as the stand watch his mission in review. I'd lift the viel and run the flag, I'd toot the horn and recall images of "Lt. Trag." Yeah, that my second, my sly stallone, that's our man our anthem's song. When work is laid I would clear my left and wait and wait with my treble clef to lift that tune and wake the crouds and tell him how in the wourd these notes get so loud.

When rent is due I say Hey man, send a dollar or two past Junior Seiow.He would know when I'm up or when I'm down and when I'm caught like a puppy neck in brace, yelping so loud that I'll be the disgrace. I'll call the beauty on channel six and swear I didn't do it and take my licks. He'd be the man when I could not leak and be the ant when God did speak. That's my lead my actor prince my buddy pal resembling Lord Spence. Eating corn at the openning day and waving at the ladies that pass the day. Nodding the cap at Ms. jackie and and further more enacting laws, protection and paramour. At dinner I know he would sit right down and say Grace without a frouwn. An actor on stage I could not be but Mitch would handle it just you see.

Steps to Take

I think not with them, but I follow their cause.
Long before the sun shone, on me I followed their laws.
As I anchor my bed daily, to thine environment, I pause.
Who knows I'm here,
who loves me dear.
When justice is delivered 7 times 7 times I tear.

A buddy from the urth
A member of a church
One day, again, I'll hunt and lurch.
Who will not fear
who leaps a tier
I long to stand under some Birch
And wonder of my birth.

The cur of wisdom's eve
The smite of yesterday's eaves
The smear of tomorrows leaves
When wind took flight
the anchors rope bight
There away the year
There waning sere.

Writer's Block: Love Me Tender

What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?
Elvis was loved by many, he apologized to some and others he may have seemed to ignore, but he entertained, as some adored. In church others said too much gyration, At home, OH no; my daughter, God save the nation. And the greats who believed in freedom and environmental care said go with my blessing but please beware. All types of age old antedotes, arose to deal with what they could not cope, in an age that seemed out of the hands of the pope.
But an American hero had arose with human faults and cares and "a dozen" thoeres. He stood for some in war he passed, and as old David did, he danced and danced. He was original, an Horatio Alger man, marketed, stoked and romanced. He made teens love, he made us think, his life was on stage and for Graceland he did think. But recently a tall girl she did stand, before me and in the shadow, I should have ran my hand trough that country hair and made her know that I love her just like the other Joe. But, I do stand for something too, a gentleman is who I do. A knightly, chilvarous thoughtful gent, who does not want his funds misspent. Who wishes all to live in peace to share and be of law-abiding speech.
He went to conguer land a far for his country one and all at the bar. And cast aspersions I did see, I still believe in the free. Each song he sung was counted as one and the star he held made us sung. So yes I liked His tender song but each one touches me along.

Writer's Block: State of the Union

Live ebuliant and ready is he, my Lord and Savior who believes in me. A father, a friend and most of all, dedicated to the the flag that waves for us all. The American who is ready most are many and varied and can stand host, but the ones who strike me as me prepare from home are Mark and Mitch two who have given all. They stand in love and stand in faith. Determined to make democracy common place they are with men of stature tall but lend no faint to service from the Hall. Fought for one fought for all and in this global world have seen much fall, still they bring thier best to you the public who have lent and judging eye in review. Yes before you these men have stood and goverened with love, understanding and resolve. I think of how much they much hurt, when plans of thier to save avert. I think of how much they must care when the march from angers, of those who do not care. I think oh how much they give to keep America, america, the greatest place to live. yes I am not able to vote for one or the other or even suggest another because I stand for what they have done to keep the anthum sung.

Writer's Block: A Bright Idea

What do you want to invent?
My idea of a new innovation to our current station. It is a sound machine to help the nation. When thoughts are shifting to wrong or err, a blast or toot to clear the air. A nudge of ear to make a way and or even the occasional Hey. a word of glee, warning, alerts, alarms or blares, solid cheer to make one aware. This I hope to do, but first a base, I have to delineate the book of firsts as a place. I have to note the time and date, I have to build or form a case. I then must lay down where I come in and then only then will I begin. The market price of each piece I will, cite as necessary to bring to the guild. Now I tell the buyers then, they may own a piece of what I brought home. And when I am laid to rest, who will lead the band of guest. This will then be in the peoples hand and this will evolve a better land. This will steer a great nation and bring a cleared edification. So to note the drifting mind who can recognize where my demise belies, or who may know my waking thought or yet who can protect the minds' of wrought. I have this idea I want brought in, to incorporate a win.

Writer's Block: A Bright Idea

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you want to be, and why?
Lord knows I want to be me, everyday more and more of thee I see, but I need and beg for me. Each hour I sit by the sea I learn about history. The waves of life the bathing lea of the minds eye awaiting to be free. I just got to be me. As I wake I want my childhood, I am in this body manhood. My individual person who is me. The job takes my time in rete. The Home spends my spirit for my she. Yet I need more and more of me. I just wait to see what it is that gives more me.
When day brakes, like waves the sea makes this morning rises a haven bakes, the sun above, the moon in lieu, whose to blame for one or two. Close to heart the eyes to bring images of love and images to wing. And everyday, I break a bow when happenstance we renew a vow.


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